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Out of State DUI

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Your DUI Arrest in Fort Myers or Naples Could Follow You Home

Florida participates in the Driver's License Compact, an agreement among most of the states across the country which makes it possible to share information about arrests for DUI and other serious traffic offenses. If you are arrested for drinking and driving or drugged driving in Fort Myers or Naples, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will most likely report the matter to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your home state, exposing you to the risk of losing your driver's license to a suspension when you return from your stay here.

Under Florida law, a first time drunk driving offense is punishable by a revocation of driving privileges lasting between 180 days and one year. If the DMV in your home state decides to impose a penalty on you for drinking and driving, you will most likely be subjected to a similar equivalent suspension. States which participate in the Driver's License Compact do so in an effort to catch dangerous drivers and reduce the number of car accidents, but if your license is suspended you may experience significant disruption in your life out of proportion to the seriousness of the offense. We want to defend your driving privileges and help you maintain your ability to commute to work, take your children to school and run the errands which are necessary to support your family.

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Contact a Fort Myers DUI attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA for an initial consultation about the circumstances of your arrest and to learn about possible strategies which we can use to fight the charges you face. We have frequently been featured on major national television news programs, and have earned a reputation for aggressive legal representation. An attorney from our team will work diligently to prepare your defense and will fight to defeat the charges in your DMV hearing and help you avoid a suspension of your license.

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