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Contact us at Parks & Braxton, PA as early as possible after an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs in Fort Myers or Naples. Our attorneys teach other lawyers at seminars on the topic of DUI defense, and we have a number of proven strategies at our disposal for challenging the evidence in your case. With a track record that includes representing thousands of cases to a successful result, we are prepared to take on any charges, no matter how challenging, and we encourage you to call or visit our office today.

While nearly anyone knows that it is illegal to drink and drive, fewer people are aware of the fact that our state's DUI statute also includes prohibitions against drugged driving. Using any type of illegal street drug or prescription medication which impairs your normal faculties makes it possible for you to be arrested under Florida Statutes §316.193 (2012), and can be subjected to penalties including six months in jail, $1,000 in fines and fifty hours of community service, as well as a driver's license suspension lasting between 180 days and a year.

Challenging Evidence of DUI with Drugs

Unlike in a case of drinking and driving, an individual who is suspected of DUI of drugs cannot be given a breathalyzer test to determine impairment. Chemical tests of the blood or urine may reveal whether the driver has taken drugs, but will not necessarily determine whether the drugs were taken an hour ago, a day ago or a week ago, and may not be able to measure whether there is enough of the drug to cause impairment.

The primary evidence in this type of case is frequently the police officer's own observations of erratic behavior and other indicators such as slurred speech, but by aggressively cross-examining the officer in court, we may be able to reveal that your arrest was based more on the officer's subjective opinions rather than on objective evidence. If you failed a field sobriety test, we might be able to subpoena the footage from the police car dashboard video camera to demonstrate that conditions such as inappropriate footwear, inclement weather or intimidating behavior from the officer prejudiced the test against you. There are several ways to approach the situation, but you have to take the first step now by contacting our firm for help! An experienced Naples DUI lawyer is prepared to help you today.

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