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Multiple DUI

Fort Myers Multiple DUI Attorney

Penalties for a Repeat DUI Offense in Naples, FL

State law provides for a harsh sentence for a first conviction, with the goal of preventing the individual from ever drinking and driving again in the future. As tough as these penalties may be, the sentence you could receive for a second, third or fourth DUI arrest are far more severe and could have a devastating effect on your future. Don't take any chances with the outcome of this situation! Contact a Naples DUI attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA for zealous legal defense to help you avoid the serious consequences you face.

A second arrest for DUI within five years of the first arrest can lead to a fine of $2,000, a driver's license revocation lasting for a minimum of five years and a nine-month jail sentence, of which ten days are mandatory and forty-eight hours of which must be served consecutively. If this is third arrest within ten years, you can be charged with a felony DUI which is punishable by five years in state prison and a $5,000 fine, as well as a driver's license revocation lasting at least ten years. A fourth conviction carries the same penalty, in addition to a mandatory permanent license revocation without the possibility of driver's license restoration.

Defending Your Rights and Your Future

Don't let yourself be subjected to such harsh penalties! With our help, you may be able to secure an exoneration or a dismissal of the charges, and even if this cannot be done we can still negotiate with the prosecutor in pursuit of a favorable plea bargain which will minimize your sentence and the damage to your reputation and career. We will carefully investigate your case to find every possible weakness which can be exploited to your advantage, such as if the results of your breathalyzer test might have been influenced by factors like mouth alcohol or improperly calibrated equipment. Call or visit our office now! We are available 24/7 and are ready to begin working on your defense immediately!

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