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Consequences of a DUI Arrest for a College Student

Being arrested for drinking and driving is a serious matter for anyone, carrying criminal penalties, financial consequences and the potential for damage to one's social and professional reputation, but the situation is often even more serious for a college student. Depending on the school policies and student code of conduct, a DUI arrest could result in penalties including loss of financial aid or a scholarship, suspension or even expulsion. Even if the student is allowed to complete the semester and graduate, the fact of having a conviction on the criminal record may make it difficult to find suitable employment or could result in disqualification for professional licensure.

Penalties for a College DUI in Fort Myers or Naples

The sentence a college student could receive for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs depends on the age of the student. For those younger than 21 years old, an underage DUI is punishable by an administrative driver's license suspension, and this is possible even in cases where the suspect's blood alcohol concentration is as low as .02. If the student is over the legal drinking age, a conviction for DUI carries the full adult penalties including six months in jail, a $1,000 fine and a license revocation lasting between 180 days and a year.

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